Our Story

In 2016, a group of backpackers discovered they shared the same awe and appreciation for the local skills and traditions found in the rural and remote communities during their travels. But it was evermore clear that, over time, these very communities were increasingly distressed and squeezed in the context of a more globalized, digitalized, and urbanized world.

Our curiosity led us to uncover the various environmental and economic challenges faced and we decided to explore how we can use forms of sustainable tourism to address the underlying causes of these challenges as opposed to using traditional tourism as a means to quickly patch up the economic symptoms. The driving question became: how do we leverage the curiosity of backpackers like us to invest in sustainable solutions preserve and enhance (rather than disrupt and dilute) the cultural and environmental richness of rural and remote communities?

We decided to create Troveko, and work hands-on with grassroots NGOs to design educational and impactful travel experiences. Troveko was selected as one of sixteen startups from around the world to be part of the Young Social Entrepreneurs Incubator Programme hosted by Singapore International Foundation in cooperation with McKinsey&Co, Temasek International, and Ashoka.

Our mission is to leverage traveler curiosity to drive the sustainable development and conservation of rural and remote geographies. We envision a world where tourism is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Our Business Model

We have created a multi-stakeholder business model that maximizes impact by investing directly into the communities that you travel to, turning your travel experiences into investments towards sustainable solutions through organizations that have the expertise


gets invested into partner organizations’ initiatives


goes directly into the homes and pockets of your host family


re-invested into Troveko to deliver more impactful experiences

We partner with effective NGOs and Social Enterprises with a mission around ecological and cultural conservation in rural and remote communities. We aim to work with their beneficiaries to design and host travel experiences, creating a cycle of reinvestment into community initiatives.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to make sustainable forms of income with agriculture and artisanship in rural and remote areas considering economic and environmental trends. We set out to empower people these communities through sharing their knowledge, skills, and ways of everyday life with curious travelers to bring in additional income.
As a social enterprise, we must invest in the resources to build our most impactful platform. Our goal is to reduce our stake to 15% by 2020, and re-invest even more into the communities we work with.

Meet the TrovTribe

Troveko is a team of experienced travelers with different backgrounds and skills united by the goal of creating and experimenting with new solutions for sustainable tourism

Danielle Thompson

Experience Designer

Josh Chacko

Operations Lead

Eli Johnston

Chief of the TrovTribe

Nino Gonzalez

Technology Lead

Rohan Keshewar

Program Co-Lead, TrovIndia

Contact Us

If you are part of a grassroots organization with a mission around cultural heritage and ecological conservation or a traveler who wants to get involved in our work we’d love to speak with you:

For general inquiries, please contact: eli@troveko.com
For inquiries related to India, please contact: rohan@troveko.com